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Creative First Aid: The science and joy of creativity for mental health

Creative First Aid: The science and joy of creativity for mental health

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You don't have to be good at art for art to be good for you.

Being creative is good for us. It's part of our humanity - a way to express, delight in and mark life experiences. But this is easy to forget, especially if you were ever told you were 'no good' at art.

Creative First Aid outlines the transformational power of creativity for self-care and mental health, and offers creative 'prescriptions' to help bring us into the present moment, release emotions, regulate our nervous system and find joy. Based on a program proven to improve mental wellbeing for first responders and traumatised communities, this book empowers us with simple creative tools so we can tend to our emotional and mental health, day to day.

Requiring zero experience and only common household items, the prescriptions include everything from drawing, writing, moving, singing, walking in nature, photography and sensory experiences, to observing and listening, collecting objects, painting, moulding, paper folding and much more.

Creative First Aid reminds us that despite the mucky, messy world we live in, wonder and happiness are within reach and all we need is to try something new.
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