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Strategic Moves: Mind-Building Chess Exercises For Kids

Strategic Moves: Mind-Building Chess Exercises For Kids

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Strategic Moves is a practical guide to developing your child's mental prowess with true-to-life stories and easy, yet challenging, chess exercises used successfully in real classrooms.

After spending decades teaching chess to young children, Carol Ann Caronia has written Strategic Moves: Mind-Building Chess Exercises for Kids to share her exceptional wisdom and teaching methods with parents and educators alike.

The mastery of chess is synonymous with the mastery of logic, critical thinking, and problem solving. The game offers invaluable yet unquantifiable skills that can actually be honed, developed, and acquired over time. With the right teacher, learning chess can provide a roadmap to the acquisition of these priceless skill sets.

If you want your child to learn to think logically and clearly, Carol Ann Caronia's Strategic Moves is here to help. Chock-full of hilarious anecdotes, wisdom, teaching lessons, and more, Strategic Moves will be the definitive guide to teaching your child the world's greatest game.
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