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All the Truths Between Us

All the Truths Between Us

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  • ISBN-13: 9781915635341
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What happens when the loves in your life are on a collision course?And faith raises more questions than it answers?

Ben and Harriet don't remember meeting each other. Their parents were friends long before either of them existed. An old photo proves there was a beginning: Ben, as a toddler, beaming as he holds a squirming new-born. That was nearly eighteen years ago. Now, they're inseparable - they know everything about each other. Except, Ben can't see that Harriet is in love with him. And Harriet has no idea Ben wants to become a monk.

All the Truths Between Us is a celebration of the forces that shape us - belief and love, conflict and grief, creativity and nature - and of adapting when life has other plans.

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