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Come Alive Now

Come Alive Now

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You were created for a full, free, and abundant life! This book will help you discover who God is, who you are and lead you into a life of true freedom, peace, and joy.

Leah Fruth will take you along on her own journey of coming back to life as she guides you into taking an active role in making space for God to heal your body and mind. As your teacher and encourager, she will show you that it is possible to live fully free and fully alive!

Through weekly assignments we will practice together:

  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Self Awareness and Reflection
  • Self Talk and Speaking Truth
  • Physical and Mental Health Practices
  • Making Space for the Holy Spirit.

Leah Fruth also has her Come Alive Now online course at along with other resources.

"As Leah's words flow across the pages, it becomes abundantly clear that her heart beats with a singular passion-to see us set free, chains shattered, and lives transformed by the power of Christ's love. With each word, she extends a hand of solidarity to those who journey alongside her-a companion in the wilderness, a beacon of hope amidst the darkness.

This book is not merely a collection of insights or a roadmap to healing; it is an invitation-a call to come alive, to embark on the journey of healing and restoration that is possible for you and for me with God. It is a testament to the resilience that God has equipped us with and the boundless depths of God's unfailing love."

Jennifer Edewaard

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