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Cycles: The Mysterious Forces That Trigger Events

Cycles: The Mysterious Forces That Trigger Events

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"A new science is taking form beneath our hands and eyes. New vistas invite exploration almost daily. Things are moving so fast and favorably that it is difficult to keep pace with them."
-Edward R. Dewey, Cycles

Thousands of scientists in fields as unrelated as history, botany, anthropology, terrestrial magnetism, sociology, and economics - to name only a few - are accumulating facts and figures which promise to make the age-old dream of foretelling the future at least a partial reality. This new science deals with the behavior of events recurring at reasonably regular intervals throughout the universe, and it may ultimately enable us to predict, scientifically and accurately, the events of tomorrow. It is the study of cycles.

Edward R. Dewey, president of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, formerly chief economics analyst for the U.S. Department of commerce, presents here the results of thirty years of research into these extraordinary phenomena. He examines the literally thousands of cycles uncovered by analysts, going beyond the study of earthquakes, sunspots, and commercial crises to the study of interrelationships of biological, geological, and astronomical cycles with those that are social, political, and psychological.
Time and hard work are the keys to the mysteries of cycles. When we will have mastered a thorough understanding of cycles - of the synchronomy of behavior in all phenomena - then shall light be shed on the coming of epidemics, the future abundance of wildlife, and future weather conditions, wars and economic depressions. The study of cycles has already presented us with the intellectual challenge of an entirely new mode of scientific inquiry.

Og Mandino is the executive editor of Success Unlimited magazine and author of the recently published U.S. in a Nutshell.

If you want to know more about cycles, please contact us at the Foundation for the Study of Cycles (
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