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Foothills: Poems and Two Love Stories

Foothills: Poems and Two Love Stories

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  • ISBN-13: 9782959192104
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Twenty eight poems, each one exploring love without safety equipment and reporting back on the views from up there.

Foothills is a book of love poetry with a difference: its interest in love is all-terrain. So, yes, there are romantic pieces inside - but you'll also find contemplations of family and friendship. What's more, Foothills does not pretend that love is all puppies and rainbows. Puppies dry-hump your slippers, and gawking at rainbows causes car accidents... Foothills knows this. So come on in for some real talk about love, knowing as you do that this book is ultimately a believer (and probably so are you).

This special edition of Foothills also features two short love stories, as well as Memo, a Thanksgiving poem and essay about resilience that was written in mid-pandemic Paris and inspired by the work of Jack Gilbert. For an interview with the author, as well as links related to the book content, visit the 'Foothills' book page at

Zoe Marie Bel is a writer of fiction and poetry, whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Australian Book Review, Mystery Tribune, and more. Foothills is her debut book of poetry, a slimbook intended as a tasting plate for new readers. Follow news and read online pieces at

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