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Keep It Up, Cutie!: A Not-Quite Self-Help Book

Keep It Up, Cutie!: A Not-Quite Self-Help Book

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  • ISBN-13: 9780789344182
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This must-read collection of hopeful, encouraging (and super-honest) messages helps get readers through life whenever it's just too hard.

Anna Przy's message is relatable to anyone who feels burned out by the hustle culture. Her viral video posts about setting boundaries, avoiding burnout, and learning self-acceptance--often ending with her catchphrase "Keep it up, cutie. I'm proud of you"--have racked up more than 10 million likes on TikTok and Instagram, alike.

Whether you're looking for a little respite on the hard days, a laugh on the long days, or a pep talk on the days you are down, Anna Przy has you covered. And, because stickers make everyone feel better, included are two pages of stickers with her favorite catchphrases and reminders to take care of yourself.

Relatable, hilarious, and always on point, Keep It Up, Cutie! inspires people to reject social norms and ask themselves what they truly want out of life. With charming illustrations, this giftable collection is ideal for anyone looking for a healthier way forward.
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