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Restorative Hope: Creating Pathways of Connection in Womens Prisons

Restorative Hope: Creating Pathways of Connection in Womens Prisons

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How theological education can engender life-giving hope for incarcerated women

Amid dehumanizing conditions, incarcerated people strive to generate hope. As one returning citizen explains, "Hope is not just sitting around waiting for things to change. Hope is not always an individual making things change. Hope is sometimes a community making things change." What can theologians, teachers, and chaplains do to assist their work?

Sarah F. Farmer amplifies the voices of women who are or have been incarcerated to learn what supports their flourishing. Combining theology and sociology, Farmer shows how theological education can help cultivate the resilience and connection that women describe as life-giving in and after prison. Based in her own ministry, this pedagogy incorporates artistic expression and critical thinking about justice to cultivate agency.

Restorative Hope will open readers' eyes to the lived realities of the US penitentiary system. Educators and theologians seeking to serve those in prison will find a wealth of firsthand perspective and practical resources in these pages.
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