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Slacksville's Worst Superheroes (Tales From Slacksville)

Slacksville's Worst Superheroes (Tales From Slacksville)

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The quirky citizens from Slacksville are back in another sidesplitting adventure in the well-received early middle-grade illustrated series reviewers call "refreshingly witty" and "extremely imaginative."

In Slacksville's Worst Superheroes, Officer John Cop is stumped in trying to nab the culprit known as Peep, who has been pilfering Slacksville's citizens along with his criminal gang. Interviewed by a TV reporter, Officer Cop makes a plea for villagers to be heroes by reporting anything unusual. Instead, the reporter broadcasts a call to action for all "superheroes" to step up, opening the gates for all types of wannabes to come out of the woodwork to flex their...erm...talents.

What ensues is a hilarious display of self-appointed superheroes "helping"-or more accurately not-Slacksville to be safe from pilfering and peril. Whether it's due to "Samsonman" who is no stranger to self-confidence, "Cowman" (who is decidedly not a cowboy), The Mom (using her trusty countdown, of course) or other self-taught amateurs, Officer Cop's patience is running thin. He devises a plan where all the superhero misfits work together, and allowing a true young superhero to shine, to lay a trap for the crime gang and save Slacksville.

Reminiscent of funny favorites including The Adventures of Captain Underpants, the Wayside School series, and My Weird School, Slacksville's Worst Superheroes has playful line art illustrations throughout that complement author K. Peach's clever and humorous writing, together creating an imaginative and amusing story that families and educators of young children will enjoy with the young readers in their lives.

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