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Soul Farmer: Sowing Seeds of Change to Reap an Inspired Life

Soul Farmer: Sowing Seeds of Change to Reap an Inspired Life

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Every strong woman deals with uncertainty-find the courage to grow and embrace change by combining your spirit with nature

As an ambitious woman, you've accomplished many things through your life experiences. Yet, you wouldn't be the first smart, successful woman who found herself saying, "I no longer feel like I used to." Many women share a fear of the unknown or anxiety about a loss of forward momentum, causing their mind to be stuck in overdrive, their spirit waning.

Where once a courage to grow thrived, now a fear blooms as they find themselves dealing with uncertainty and struggling to embrace change. Dena Jansen has been there: knocked down by life's changes and feeling hopeless, until a crisis forced her to find clarity and personal growth-with the help of an unexpected teacher.

Married to a farmer and seeing first-hand the strength it takes both the farmer and the seed to grow, Dena has created a unique guide marrying nature's lessons with the human spirit's quest for happiness and self-confidence. With her innate flair for nurturing growth in women and perspectives from her career as a corporate leader and coach, Dena invites you to embrace change and navigate life's uncertainties with less trepidation and more heart. It is possible to grow through life's changes and reconnect with oneself through powerful YOU-Turns, leveraging life experiences as a catalyst.

Inside, you'll discover how to:

  • Embrace the Seeker's Mindset to break free from hesitation and consistently move forward with curiosity and bravery.
  • Course correct when you feel lost or scared with 5 YOU-Turns to gain clarity in your pursuit of happiness.
  • Master the 4-phase Growth Cycle to adapt to change and create an Inspired Life.
  • Recognize your own rhythm of evolution, overcoming the fear of the unknown and society's pressures to move quickly, while learning to embrace change as a natural part of your journey.
  • Change well-worn habits from your life experiences and organically scale up self-trust by bolstering new patterns of thinking and behaving.

Just like the seed and the farmer working together, you are not alone in this. Let Soul Farmer

walk beside you, instilling you with confidence, nurturing you through your growth, and helping you cultivate an Inspired Life. Get Soul Farmer today to tackle life's changes and refuel your soul.

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