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The Unquiet Bones: A Novel

The Unquiet Bones: A Novel

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  • ISBN-13: 9781662518003
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A shocking discovery of human bones reopens an almost fifty-year-old cold case--and rips apart the lives of a group of friends--in a riveting novel by Loreth Anne White, the Amazon Charts and Washington Post bestselling author of The Maid's Diary.

When human bones are found beneath an old chapel in the woods, evidence suggests the remains could be linked to the decades-old case of missing teen Annalise Jansen.

Homicide detective Jane Munro--pregnant and acutely attuned to the preciousness of life--hopes the grim discovery will finally bring closure to the girl's family. But for a group of Annalise's old friends, once dubbed the Shoreview Six by the media, it threatens to expose a terrible pledge made on an autumn night forty-seven years ago.

The friends are now highly respected, affluent members of their communities, and none of them ever expected the dark chapter in their past to resurface. But as Jane and forensic anthropologist Dr. Ella Quinn peel back the layers of secrets, the group begins to fracture. Will one cave? Will they turn on each other?

The investigation takes a sharp turn when Jane discovers a second body--that of the boy long blamed for Annalise's disappearance. As the bones tell their story, the group learns just how far each will go to guard their own truth.

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