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Twice the Trouble: A Novel

Twice the Trouble: A Novel

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  • ISBN-13: 9781639106974
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A private investigator follows a trail of blood and bodies to find his latest target-or die trying-in this riveting thriller perfect for fans of Jeffery Deaver and Mick Herron.

Noland Twice, a star athlete turned private investigator, can find anyone, no matter how far they run or how well they hide. He works the Orlando-Tampa corridor, a bizarre land where theme parks and tourists coexist with drug deals and crooked businessmen. When a shady local executive, Valkenburg, goes missing, Noland is the only man for the job.

Within hours of taking the case, Noland realizes nothing about this case is going to be easy, and he recruits his friend Kiril to help him with the dirty work when he finds a dead body. But the corpse isn't the missing man-it's the body of one of the partners of his construction firm. There's only one clue as to Valkenburg's whereabouts: a set of strange numbers hastily scrawled on the dead man's arm.

When Noland discovers that the numbers are a set of GPS coordinates, he follows the trail to a construction site. At the exact location inscribed on the body, there's a box buried in the dirt. Inside, he finds a handwritten journal-and a woman's severed head.

Propulsive and unpredictable, this gritty P.I. thrill ride races through a criminal world where nothing is ever as it seems.
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